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Hey there, Buyer!

Thank you for choosing to work with me! To help you with your purchase I have included samples of a few of my voice types below. We both want to get this right the first time so it's very important to communicate what you need and expect from me. If needed, please use the samples below to help me reference what voice tone and type you want. As there are only 6 samples these are just general examples and you can let me know if you need something similar but different and in what ways. You can also check out my demos on my demo page if you would like more references to my voice. Thanks again, and looking forward to working with you!

Tone Samples

How to get the perfect voice-over? 

I can talk away with a nice voice all day long, but to get the perfect voice-over, we need to work together. Feel free to read my article on how to get the perfect voice-over. Read more below!